Dashnie Naidoo


Dashnie Naidoo

Natural Products


Dr Naidoo completed her PhD in Natural Products Chemistry at the University of Natal in 2003. Her research entailed the isolation and structure elucidation of chemically diverse compounds from plants. She was also involved in the biological screening of chemical compounds at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 2004, she started investigating new routes for the synthesis of biologically active natural products at Ghent University, Belgium. In 2005, she joined the CSIR to study the development and validation of rapid screening tools and the discovery of drug candidates from medicinal plants. She is a member of the National Cosmeceuticals Consortium set up by the Bioprospecting and Product Development Platform of the Department of Science and Technology’s Indigenous Knowledge System.


TITLE: Value addition to Africa’s biological resources through science
DATE: 31 August 2016
TIME: 13:30

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