Quintino Mgani


Quintino Mgani

Organic / Synthetic Chemistry


Dr Mgani is a Chemistry lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. His research interests are natural product chemistry and phytochemical studies. His natural product research focuses on the design and synthesis of natural products with interesting biomedical, agrochemical and industrial applications. His phytochemical studies focus on the investigation of plants for medicinal and/or agricultural use, by the identification of the active components by extraction, isolation and structure elucidation, as well as testing for biological activities. Dr Mgani’s recent synthetic work has focused on value addition to cashew nut shells, an abundant agro-waste from the cashew nut industry in Tanzania.


TITLE: Waste to Wealth: The story of cashew nut shells
DATE: 28 August 2016
TIME: 16:50

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