A   c o m p l e m e n t a r y   p a r t n e r s h i p   i n   n a t u r a l   p r o d u c t   s c i e n c e

African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP-EU) Science and Technology Programme

The ACP-EU (European Union) Programme targets poverty eradication by focusing on building and enhancing strong scientific and technological capacity to support research, development and innovation in the Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific region.

Funded by the EU and implemented by the ACP Secretariat, the Programme enables the identification and formulation of activities or policies that are critical for sustainable development. Specific expected results include established (relationship) networks, increased research assessment and policy capacity, and improved research quality.

The EU is the primary funder of POL-SABINA which falls within the ACP-EU Programme's themes of 'Quality health care' and 'Agriculture and agro-industry', and which addresses 'Environmental research activities' in the context of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge.

Website: www.acp-st.eu