Current Funders

SABINA is funded by The Carnegie Corporation of New York through the Science Initiative Group (SIG) as a Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE) network for the African Continent.

"The Science Initiative Group (SIG), based at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, USA, is dedicated to fostering science in developing countries. It was established in 1999 to provide scientific and administrative oversight for the Millennium Science Initiative, with which it was active through 2012.

SIG’s current project is the Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE). RISE supports scientists and engineers pursuing MScs and PhDs in selected disciplines through regional university-based networks in sub­Saharan Africa."
SABINA also receives funding from the DST (Department of International Cooperation and Resources) for the participation of South African members in SABINA activities.

"The Department of International Cooperation and Resources aims to strategically develop, promote and manage international relationships, opportunities and S&T agreements that strengthen the national system of innovation (NSI) and enable an exchange of knowledge, capacity and resources between South Africa and its regional and international partners. The Programme also supports South African foreign policy through science diplomacy."

Past Funders

POL-SABINA is an African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Science & Technology Programme funded by the European Union (EU), and co-funded by the Carnegie Corporation New York and the Department of Science & Technology South Africa.

The POL-SABINA project was a complementary action to the SABINA network. The POL-SABINA project officially ended in May 2014.